Quick and Easy Website Creating

Want to make your own free website in minutes?

Showcase your hobby or talent, share photos or ideas with your family, advertise an event or a club/group you belong to, blog to your heart’s content, or set up a small business…

The possibilities are endless! Ready to start?

Create your website by following these easy steps.

Start here:

  1. It’s a good idea to consider the implications of the domain name (name of website) you intend to choose, before you’re stuck with it. Go here to find out more.
  2. Now you’re ready to set up your WordPress account and choose your free domain. Find out how!
  3. If you haven’t decided yet, check out whether a free versus paid website would be better for you.

Okay, so you’ve got your domain and WordPress account.

Now go through these steps to build your website:

  1. The most important bit – adding relevant, interesting and concise content and images to your website’s Homepage.
  2. Let’s talk about your Contact page.
  3. Now customise the overall look (images, fonts and colours) of your website.
  4. Go here to add a Blog Page to your website – so you can start writing Blog Posts if you want to.
  5. Get to know the difference between Pages and Blog Posts, and how you must use different methods to edit them.
  6. How many website pages do you need? Find out, and also how to add a website Page if you need to.
  7. Learn how to add or delete images to your website Pages or Blog Posts.

If you need to, check the Glossary page to learn specific terminology used on this website.

Now your website is up and running, try some of these advanced skills: